Museum Mondays

In Summer 2017, we’re starting a new summer program at the Murray City Museum! The second Monday of every summer month is Museum Monday. Get a taste of local history and art in one of these workshops. Parents welcome and encouraged to attend with your kids!

All workshops will take place in the Murray City Museum in the south hallway of City Hall at 5025 South State Street. Workshops are free, but space is limited and registration is required. Register online or print and return the PDF registration form, one for each attending child, to the Murray Parks Office, 296 E. Murray Park Avenue.
water pump
girl_painting_hires by jeshu john
sewing machine
2017 Museum Monday Workshops

June 12
Planting the Future!

When pioneers first arrived, their first priority was planting crops for food. Today, we just buy food at the store. What would we need to do to grow our own food? What tools did Murray’s settlers use? Come see examples in our farming and irrigation exhibits, and plant a seed of your own.

July 10
Art Blast!

What are the basic elements of Art? How do artists use them to make a picture that makes us feel something? How do I decide if I like it? Come see works of art from the Murray City collection on display in City Hall, and make an artwork of your own.

August 14
Sew Cool!

Pioneer families had to make their own clothes. Today, we go to the store to buy them. What kinds of tools did people use to make their clothes? See and identify some examples in the museum, and participate in some sewing-related activities.