Murray Resident On Display

Murray Cultural Arts has set aside a central display case at City Hall for our new Murray Resident On Display exhibit, featuring the work of a practicing Murray artist. Our exhibits feature a new artist each month. Come see our amazing artists and their work! City Hall hours are Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm.

Sales are referred to the artist.

June 2017: Kenneth Hartvigsen
July 2017: Ann Charat
August 2017: Steve Stauffer

Murray artists! If you would like to be considered for our Murray Resident on Display series, contact Lori Edmunds via email.
Murray Resident On Display

June 2017 Resident On Display: Kenneth Hartvigsen

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Kenneth Hartvigsen grew up in Salt Lake City and graduated from the University of Utah before earning a PhD in art history from Boston University. He has taught art history courses at Weber State University, Westminster College, and Brigham Young University, where he is now the Curator of American Art at the BYU Museum of Art.

Kenneth's drawings and paintings are related to his lifelong interest in narrative art and illustration. His work asks the viewer to consider how a picture and its title work together in creating meaning, if they do at all.

He lives in Murray with his wife, Emily, and their daughter Alina. He would like to thank the Murray City Arts Council and the Murray City, Residents on Display program for this opportunity.

See more of his work on Instagram.