The Murray City Museum is located in the south wing of the City Hall building (the old Arlington Elementary School), but also has exhibit space in display cases along the main hallway within the building. The museum is a steward of artifacts from Murray's history.

Museum Mission Statement

The Murray City Museum celebrates the heritage of the Murray community by fostering appreciation for the city’s past, promoting understanding of local diversity, and forging connections between residents, past and present. The Museum documents, preserves, studies, and interprets the history of Murray, including early settlement, community growth, industrial prominence, and modern expansion through exhibits, collections, public programs and research.

Current Exhibits:

Land, Lead, and Leadership

The museum's story, which is largely focused between 1870-1950, illustrates how the city moved from an agricultural beginning to a booming smelter town and how the city was created from the interplay between those elements.

Then and Now: Historic Murray

Our display cabinets in the hallway outside the City Council Chambers are currently showcasing photos and artifacts from our collection showing historic photos of buildings in Murray, with pictures of what they look like today.

Groups and Appointments

  • Groups are encouraged to schedule at least a day in advance so the staff is properly prepared by calling (801) 264-2589.
  • Special appointments may be made for other possible times and dates and may be arranged by calling (801) 264-2589.
  • Schedule a children museum tour


Admission to the museum is free.

City Collections & Resources

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