Departments A-H

  1. Administrative and Development Services

  2. Building Division

    View permit applications, plan submittals, and other resources.

  3. Cemetery

    Learn the history of the cemetery, do a cemetery search, find rules, prices, and other information.

  4. City Attorney

    Learn about the responsibilities of the Murray City Attorney.

  5. Community & Economic Development

    Find resources for businesses and development of the community.

  6. Cultural Arts / History

    Browse through the programs offered to enrich the arts and learn the history of the City.

  7. Engineering

    Browse through streets, curbs, gutter, and road information and projects.

  8. Finance

    Find responsibilities and information about the Annual Budget, bond ratings, and the CAFR.

  9. Fire Department

    View responsibilities and services of the Murray City Fire Department.

  10. Garbage & Recycling

    Find out how to get garbage service.

  11. Geographic Information Systems Division

  12. Heritage Center

    Browse resources, programs, and services for the aging.

  13. Human Resources

    View resources for current and prospective employees.