Departments I-Z

  1. Information Technology

  2. Library

    View the site for the Murray Library.

  3. Mayor's Office

    Browse through the Mayor's items.

  4. Municipal Justice Court

    Browse through resources about traffic cases, fines, bail schedules, and other information.

  5. Murray Parkway Golf Course

    View policies, staff, and other information about the golf course.

  6. Parks & Recreation

    Find information about cultural arts, parks, and recreation.

  7. Police

    View responsibilities and services of the Murray City Police Department.

  8. Public Services

    View the various departments that provide services to citizens.

  9. Purchasing

  10. Power

    View resources about your energy.

  11. Recorder

    Find information about business licensing, elections, and Council minutes.

  12. Risk & Safety

    Learn about Risk Management and its Safety and Loss Prevention Programs

  13. Sewer

    Browse sewer rates, fees, and specifications.

  14. Stormwater

    Learn about the City stormwater utility.

  15. Streets

    Find out the job duties of this division of Public Services.

  16. Treasurer

    Find out the functions of this department.

  17. Utility Billing

    Find resources for your utility billing and service.

  18. Water

    Browse through rates, fees, conservation tips, and facts about your water service.