Bonding & Investigations

BONDING (Murray Municipal Code 5.04.230)

An applicant engaged in the following business activities must provide Murray City with an original bond in the amount indicated indemnifying the City against personal injury or property damage. The bond needs to show Murray City Corporation as the oblige.

  • Auctioneers, auction houses - $1000.00
  • Pawnbrokers, secondhand dealers, secondhand precious metal dealers - $5000.00
  • Security systems and equipment; alarm sales/installation - $5000.00
  • Excavation in right of way - $5000.00
  • Sexually oriented business - $2000.00
  • Excavation in right of way - $5000.00 minimum
  • Sexually oriented business - $2000.00
  • Locksmith - $1000.00
  • Firearms dealer, gunsmith - $2000.00
  • Massage establishment (not owned by massage therapist) - $1000.00
  • Moving and storage - $1000.00
  • Cable; other home installation - $1000.00
Surety bonds are obtained through various insurance agencies. Murray City does not provide bonds, nor forms for the bonds. Please check with your insurance company for additional information.

INVESTIGATIONS (Murray City Municipal Code 5.04.260)

The police department shall investigate each applicant, where applicable, for such license and shall report back within seven (7) days from the date of application to the city license administrator with a recommendation to approve or disapprove.

A background check and personal data sheet are required on each owner, officer and manager for the following list of business classifications:
  • Pawnbrokers, secondhand dealers, swap meets, flea markets
  • Personnel agencies, employment agencies
  • Private investigators and detectives
  • Solicitors
  • Gun shops
  • Coupon book sales
  • Beer sales (retail stores, lounges, taverns, fairgrounds, 1 day gatherings, cabarets, private clubs, restaurants)
  • Sexually oriented businesses
  • Coin dealers
  • Massage establishments
  • Public dance hall
  • Billiards
  • Arcades
  • Establishments which restrict admittance based solely on age. (Prior code ┬ž 16-5.3)