Traffic School

Traffic School


Eligibility: No more than 2 prior moving convictions within the past 3 years, regardless of being in a Plea In Abeyance.

Traffic School is an educational programme which seeks to reinforce good driving habits and increase driver awareness of traffic regulations. Traffic school is offered at night. Murray City offers the class on Wednesday evenings. If traffic school is imposed as a condition of your probation, you will need to provide proof of attendance to the Court. The Traffic Clerk will provide you with a pass/receipt that you will turn in to the Class Moderator the night you attend and you will also sign an attendance sheet. This is the proof required.

The fee for Traffic School must be paid "up front" and is non-refundable. You only need to attend class one time, but you are given at least four (4) consecutive Wednesday evenings to complete the class. If the traffic school is not attended within the time period given, the violation(s) will be reported as a conviction(s) to DLD and considered as not dismissed.

If you are unable to pay the fine in full, the Traffic Clerk will help you determine a payment plan. The fine must be paid in full within the plea-in-abeyance period. If the fine is not paid, then an arrest warrant will be issued.

For drivers 24 years of age or younger, ask the clerk about the state sponsored "Alive at 25" program available in lieu of the court's traffic school.

FYI - Points are assessed to your driving record for traffic violations by the Driver Licence Division. Excess points may lead to the suspension of your driving privilege. The Court and the Traffic Clerk have no control over the points assessed to you. Completion of the Defensive Driving Class offered by the Utah Safety Council may decrease the number of points on your record. If not eligible for Murray City Traffic School, this option, although not keeping the violation from your record, can help you keep your allotted points in control. Information is available at

The city does not provide interpreters for traffic school, but you may bring a friend to interpret for you.

No children permitted in the class.
A full listing of Utah's Driver Point System and how it works is available at