Administrative and Development Services

The Administrative and Development Services (ADS) Department was approved by the Murray City Council on August 2, 2011 as part of the City's reorganization process. The ADS department encompasses six divisions that provide a variety of services to both employees and citizens of Murray City. Each division has supervisors or a manager that reports to the director.
These divisions are:
  • Building Division - provides plan review and inspections of the adopted building codes through a streamlined process. Issues building permits and coordinates plan review between departments
  • Community and Economic Development - oversees orderly growth and development within the City and enhancing the welfare of our citizens through planning and development efforts. Business licensing is included in this division as well
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) - maintains an integrated collection of computer software and data used to view, manage and analyze geographically related information. This Division creates and maintains mapping applications, complete with attributed data that is used for management and planning activities, and to meet the needs of citizen requests
  • Information Technology (IT) - provides computer support, including programming and operation, for City functions and establishes priorities for computer activity, usage, software and hardware
  • Treasurer's Office - supervises the collection of all taxes, assessments, fines, forfeitures, service charges and intergovernmental revenues of the City in addition to investments of idle cash in accordance with the Uniform Fiscal Procedures Act and Utah Money Management Act. This division also has various responsibilities related to accounting transactions, customer service and meter reading
  • Recorder's Office - is responsible for maintaining public records and official City documents and coordinating municipal elections. This division evaluates bids, negotiates with vendors and performs duties of purchasing for the City.
For more information on any of these divisions, please see their individual pages found under the Department menu.

In addition to overseeing these divisions, the ADS department also works in conjunction with the Redevelopment Agency of Murray City (RDA). We work to facilitate timely and appropriate redevelopment projects in the community.

ADS is also the point of contact for economic development projects. We are committed to promoting and assisting the community in job creation, job retention, investment formation, prosperity enhancement, and quality of life protection and promotion. We strive to continue with positive growth within the City and are actively pursuing and retaining the businesses that are an asset to our community.