Curb / Gutter & Sidewalk Projects


Curb / Gutter & Sidewalk Projects

The City allocates funds to eliminate tripping hazards on public sidewalks throughout the City. Murray City has a computer-based inventory of all the City sidewalks and the Engineering Department will prioritize this inventory so that areas with the highest concentration of tripping hazards and high pedestrian use will be repaired first.

This work will be contracted out on a yearly basis with as many hazards repaired as funds allow. It is anticipated that this project will continue from year to year until all hazards are repaired. This process is no cost to the resident.

Deteriorated Sidewalk, Drive Approach, Curb and Gutter Repair Program for Murray City Residents

Murray City does not generally remove and replace curb and gutter or driveway approaches except when the roadway is a complete rebuild. If a resident wants to individually replace their curb and gutter, driveway approach or sidewalk that is not on the prioritized list or the resident does not want to wait for the project to be done by the City, they need to follow the procedure outlined below.


  1. Obtain a Street Improvement permit from the Murray City Engineering Department and pay the $25.00 permit fee. (Obtain Permit at Murray City Public Services, 4646 South 500 West).
  2. After permit is submitted and fee is paid, the Engineering department will contact and meet with you on site to review damaged concrete to be removed, explain applicable specifications for placement and restoration.
  3. Murray City Street Department will Blue Stake remove and dispose of the damaged concrete.
  4. Resident is responsible to hire a licensed contractor for placement of new concrete at resident’s expense. Resident is also responsible for landscape restoration.

12.12.040: PERMIT FEE: Street Improvement Permit
Curb, gutter and sidewalk construction requires a permit and shall be inspected for compliance with applicable specifications. The permit fee for construction of curb, gutter or sidewalk is twenty five dollars ($25). (Ordinance 11-20)

For more information, contact the Engineering Department at (801) 270-2440.