April 2019 Resident on Display: Dave Kotch

"I have been lucky enough to have been a photographer - a "shooter" - for over thirty years. During that time, I have photographed 5 presidents (the U.S. kind...), 3 LDS prophets, 2 Popes and almost a Dalai Lama. I have shot interviews with people from Jack Nicklaus to Joe Montana; Johnny Cash to James Paul McCartney. I've flown with the Blue Angles and been inside a space shuttle; I have been extremely lucky. 

But the most fun I have is when I am shooting for myself. When I get an idea, and I go out and chase it and I make it happen. To my mind, it is not the gear that matters or even one's technical expertise; it is grasping the opportunity to make something new."
- Dave Kotch

Murray Resident on Display Program

Murray Cultural Arts has set aside a central display case at City Hall for our  Murray Resident on Display exhibit, featuring the work of a Murray artist. Our exhibits feature a new artist each month. Come see our amazing artists and their work! City Hall hours are Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm. Closed on weekends.

Sales are referred to the artist.

Upcoming Resident On Display Exhibits:

April 2019: Dave Koch
May 2019: Maurice G. Baker

Murray artists! If you would like to be considered for our Murray Resident on Display series, contact Lori Edmunds via email.

Murray Resident On Display