Museum Musings

Shenanigans are afoot at the Murray Museum this Summer! Throughout the months of May - September, the Museum will be playing a few games for you to participate in: Museum Mysteries and Museum Memes.

On the second Monday of each month (May through September) a new round will begin. Check back here or on our Facebook Event Page: Murray City Museum.

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  2. Museum Memes

How it works:

  • Photos of 2 objects will be posted here and on our Facebook Event Page. Visit the Museum and see if you can solve the mystery! There is one catch - the photos will be a closeup of the objects.
  • Every object is currently displayed in the Murray Museum. In order to receive a prize, you must identify the correct objects to a Museum Staff Member, during Museum Hours. (1 prize per month)
  • Answers will be revealed 3 weeks after the photos are posted. Prizes will not be given out once answers are revealed.
  • See an example (PDF)

September Photo Mysteries

Arrow and Slow

Wood Grain Screw Head

Photo Sources: Murray City Museum