City Council


The Murray City Council has been a separate and equal branch of city government since the City adopted the Council-Mayor form of government in 1981. This form of government vests power in two separate branches of government, which mimic the federal and state systems, with a legislative branch (city council) and executive branch (mayor). The Mayor runs the day to day operation of the City and the City Council holds legislative responsibilities.

The Council is comprised of five members. Each Council Member represents a geographical district of Murray City. Council Members are part-time elected officials who are paid $15,090 per year. Each member serves a four-year term and is elected in a non-partisan election. Each calendar year, the Council elects a new chair and vice chair for the Council and committees.

Main Task

The City Council’s main task is the adoption and oversight of Murray City’s annual budget. The fiscal year runs from July 1 through June 30. Property and sales taxes account for the majority of revenue in the General Fund. It is supplemented by franchise taxes, licenses and permits, fines, intergovernmental funding and charges for services. The City Council also adopts and oversees the budget of the Murray City Library System.

Other Responsibilities

Other responsibilities of City Council members include setting tax levies and service rates, introducing legislation, adopting resolutions and ordinances, setting broad City policy, providing advice and consent on appointments made by the Mayor, and reviewing municipal administration. The Council is responsible for approving master plans, annexations, zoning regulations and other land use matters. The Council also serves as the Board of Directors of the Murray Redevelopment Agency.


The Council employs an executive director and an administrative assistant. Staff members perform a variety of tasks, including working with constituents, researching and analyzing issues pertinent to City policies, acting as liaison with the administration, and executing state and municipal code requirements as it relates to city council matters.


For more information, contact our staff at (801) 264-2603 or view your Council Members.