Jordan River Parkway

Murray’s Section

Jordan River Parkway trail

The Jordan River Parkway connects Utah Lake on the south and The Great Salt Lake on the north. Portions of this trail are yet to be completed and are developed and maintained by various municipalities. Murray’s section of the Parkway runs from 1200 W. Winchester Street (6400 S.) to 593 W. 4800 S. 


The Parkway has a paved trail that is approximately five miles long and has mile markers every 0.1 miles. An equestrian trail runs perpendicular to the paved trail. To find out distances of trails, view Jordan River Trail Distances (PDF).


The Murray Parkway is a beautiful recreational and educational resource located minutes away from the City streets. It offers a golf course, trail head parking at five different locations, pedestrian and equestrian trails, picnic areas, canoe launches, and park facilities. The Parkway is fully accessible for the disabled and has barrier-free areas.


Jordan River Parkway trail

There are three pavilions available for rental along the Murray Parkway:

Arrowhead Park is located at the far north end of the Murray trail at 593 West 4800 South, but does not have a pavilion.