Discontinuance of Business Sales

When a permanent business, licensed in the City, discontinues operations and determines to sell the existing inventory and other assets, that business must apply to the City for a discontinuance of business license.

In addition to the requirements of Section 5.04.150, (application and forms), the applicant must include the dates and duration of the sale, which may not last more than 90 days.

Only items in inventory and on order as of the date of the application may be sold in a discontinuance of business sale.

If the entire discontinuance sale occurs under an existing license, by the same company, no license fee is required.

If any portion of the sale is to occur after the expiration of the existing license, a temporary license fee of $100.00 shall be paid.

No person having conducted a discontinuance of business sale may conduct a business operation of the same nature within 12 consecutive months from the date of issue of that license.

If the discontinuance of business sale is conducted by an outside company/entity, and not by the licensed owners of the business, a separate license will need to be applied for prior to operating the sale.