Sexually Oriented Businesses


Applicants wishing to obtain a Murray City Business License for a sexually oriented business, shall comply with the following:

  • Apply to the City through the Business Licensing office for a business license; All State And federal regulations shall apply as with any business.
  • Pay the Business Licensing fees.
  • Comply with provisions of the City Code relating to employees of sexually oriented businesses. Pay appropriate fees, and obtain appropriate police registration cards, permits, and investigations as required.
  • Provide to the City a cash, or renewable surety bond, payable to the City, in the amounts outlined. (See Bonding and Investigations)
  • Comply with all provisions of Section 5.04.180, et seq., of the Murray City Code. Sexually Oriented businesses that also serve food, drinks, or alcoholic beverages must also comply with the regulations pertaining to these types of establishments, and must apply for, and pay the appropriate fees for these licenses and permits.

Employee Work Cards / Bar Cards are obtained through the Murray City Police Department. You may contact their office at: (801) 264-2673.