Equal Payment Program

Signing Up

If your account is current and you have resided for a minimum of one year at your current address, you can join the Equal Payment Plan during September by simply calling (801) 264-2626. The Equal Payment amount will begin with the October statement.

How It Works
The Equal Payment Plan gives you the convenience of spreading your utility bill payments evenly over a full year's time. Your equal payment is figured by taking the last 12 months usage at your current address and dividing it equally.

We will still read your meters each month. In October, we compare your total utility usage for the year to the total amount you have paid. If you used more or less that the previous year, we adjust your monthly payment amount. We may also adjust for any rate changes.

Your actual usage will continue to appear on the bill along with your equal payment amount and cumulative deferred balance. The deferred balance is the difference between the actual and Equal Payment Plan charged for your account. The deferred balance increases or decreases each time you are billed. When the Equal Payment Plan is terminated, the deferred balance is applied to the next bill and becomes due.

A customer is taken off the plan if two consecutive payments are missed. Payment must be made each month to keep your account in the guidelines of the plan.


A number of factors affect how much power, water, and sewer you use. For example, if the weather is hotter than the previous year, your air conditioner will use more power to keep your home comfortable and more water may be used to keep your lawn green.