Women's Golf League

Murray City Monday Night Women's Golf Leagues

Starts: April 3, 2017 to September Days: Mondays
Cost: $35 per Golfer to join and daily Green Fees
Time: T-times must be made by the golfers 7 days in advance
Format: Play every week, optional play in the play of the day, and Championship/Banquet in September
Register: The Heritage Center and register online
Contact: Trish Cooke at 801 284-4237

Recommended but not required USGA golf membership. If you choose not to establish a handicap, one will be determined for you by the scores handed in for the golf league. Your established handicap will be used for the Club Championship at the end of the season. Any other questions please call Tricia Cooke 801 284-4206


1. Tee times must be made 7 days in advance. If you do not make a tee time, the golf course will try to accommodate you on a first come first serve basis with no guarantee. This is vital that you make your tee-times. The number to Murray park Way Golf Course is 801-262-4653.

2. Scoring- Please do not record anything over a double par. If you are on a par 4 and you are on Stroke 9, please pick up your ball and record an 8 on that hole. No score shall count if you record over a double par.

3 par----6 Strokes
4 par----8 Strokes
5 par----10 Strokes

3. Ten golf scores must be turned in and posted to be eligible for the Murray Parkway Women's Golf Championship. Scorecards may be turned into the club house after your round.

4. "Play of the Day" is optional to all league players. The cost is $3.00 to play and is not included in your green fees. All participants will be handicap for play of the day to ensure everyone has a fair shot at winning.

Download a flyer (PDF)

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