Fine and Bail Schedule

Bail Amounts

The following is a partial list of the violations in the traffic code. Your citations should have the violation code written by the officer. Go to the State Bail Schedule to find out the charge and other requirements from the State.

Bail Amount
All right of way violations (41-6a-)$120
All passing violations (41-6a-)$120
All improper turns (41-6a-)$120
All improper lane travel (41-6a-)$120
All improper signaling (41-6a-)$120
All failure to obey traffic control devices (41-6a-)$120
HOV Lane Resctriction (41-6a-702(1)(a))$250
Speed too fast for conditions (41-6a-601(1))$120
$150 with accident
Following too close (41-6a-711)$120
$150 with accident
Speeding (41-6a-601)
1 to 10 miles per hour (MPH) over$120
11 to 15 mph over$150
16 to 20 mph over$200
21 to 25 mph over$270
26 to 30 mph over$370
31 mph over*Mandatory appearance
Driver's License
Expired (53-3-202(1)(a)$50
Violating restrictions (53-3-208)$50 and Up
Change of address (53-3-216)$50

*May not be paid by mail and online.