Emergency Preparedness

County Flood Information

In 2010, several County residents were affected by flooding in Little Cottonwood Creek. Following the floods, Salt Lake County applied for a $6.6 million grant from the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to make repairs on Little Cottonwood Creek from the flooding that occurred last June.

In September 2010, the County was awarded $2.2 million and is currently doing restoration work on some of the sites along the creek that sustained the most severe damage. The remaining $4.4 million is still on the waiting list and the County is optimistic that funding will eventually become available. with these grants, the County is required to pay a 25% match for channel restoration work which is being funded through the County's Flood Control budget.

Property owners should be aware that if there was erosion damage identified on the creek adjacent to their property after the flood that has not been repaired, it is on the repair list and will be addressed as the remaining NRCS funding becomes available.
If property owners do not want to wait for NRCS funding and would like to do their own repairs, they may do so at their own cost, but will be required to take out a Flood Control permit from the County. The purpose of the permit is to ensure that work is being done to County standards and does not have an adverse effect on the channel or adjacent properties.

In addition to creek repairs, private property damage is also eligible for NRCS funding. Property owners will be required to pay the 25% match if they choose to allow restoration work on their property (landscape, yards, etc. that is outside of the channel).
Anyone wishing to take out a permit to do repair work on the channel may contact the County's Engineering and Flood Control Division at 801-468-2711.