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Early on, City leaders knew the importance of supporting a city-owned water works system and began laying the groundwork for it as early as 1905. Murray City purchased water systems and the water rights from the Progress Company, as well as franchises from J.P. Cahoon, and invested in the construction of an artesian well system. Murray City Water became a publicly owned, municipal water utility in 1910.

Murray City Water employs 22 individuals that operate our water system within administrative positions, the distribution division, and the field construction division.

As of 2021, Murray City Waters service area includes 38,340 persons with 10,215 system connections. The city employs 2 personnel per one-thousand connections.                      

The culinary water systems sources:

  • 19 wells—Providing 81.86% of the total delivered water.
  • 8 springs—Providing 18.4% of the total delivered water.                                                    

The total gallons of water pumped was 2,910,185,000 and the total gallons of water delivered was 2,702,516,796. Water storage capacity is adequate with 12 million gallons. We maintain over 194 miles of water main line to distribute culinary water to our customers. Murray City Water has 1969 fire hydrants connections, to provide fire protection for Murray City. 1,403 of those are city owned and Murray City Water personnel are responsible for the inspections and maintenance of them. 

On average a Murray Residential Single Family Home uses 156,015 gallons per year. The average of that per day is 427 gallons. Which makes the average water bill per month $42.35 and $508.20 per year.

  1. Water Division

    Physical Address
    4646 S. 500 W.
    Murray, UT 84123

    Fax: (801) 270-2450
    Emergency Phone: (801) 264-9669

  2. Aron Frisk

    Water Superintendent

  3. Chad Anderson

    Water Field Construction Supervisor

  4. Joe Goodman

    Water Distribution Supervisor

  5. Dean Mair

    Water Quality - Backflow

  6. Landon St Clair

    Water Systems Inspections

  7. Steve Davies

    Service Line Inspections