• Health Insurance - Murray City offers health insurance through Public Employees Health Plan PEHP. Murray City pays 85% of the medical/dental premium on the plan that is selected. There are two plans offered to employees:
    • Advantage Care: An 80-20 plan with $25 co-payments. Preferred doctors are only IHC physicians.
    • Summit Care: An 80-20 plan with $25 co-payments. Preferred doctors are only non-IHC physicians.
    • Health Savings Account/High Deductible Health Plan using either of the above listed plans.
  • Life Insurance - Murray City pays for $40,000 life insurance coverage for the employee, $5,000 for the employee's spouse and $5,000 for any dependent children. Additional life insurance may be purchased of up to $500,000 for the employee, $500,000 for the spouse and $15,000 for each dependent child.
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment - This benefit is paid for by the City and offers $25,000 in the event of an employee's death due to an accident and partial payment for dismemberment.
  • Long-Term Disability - Murray City pays the premium for this coverage that offers 66.67% salary replacement after a three month waiting period.
  • Retirement - All eligible employees are enrolled in the Utah Retirement Systems.
  • 401K and 457 Plans - Employees may also contribute their own funds into these plans.
  • Flexible Spending Accounts - Employees may participate in flexible spending accounts that reduce the taxable earnings when money is set aside for medical and/or dependent care.
  • Tuition Assistance Program - Employees may receive up to $2,500 per calendar year for tuition assistance. The employee must undertake a course of study which leads to an associate, bachelor, or master degree in an occupation for which the City normally recruits employees.
  • Holidays - Each employee is granted a total of 12 paid holidays and 2 personal preference days per year.
  • Vacation - Full time Murray City employees accumulate paid vacation throughout the year. For the first five years, employees are entitled to 12 vacation days per year. After five years of employment, employees are entitled to 14 days a year, after ten years 17 days a year, after fifteen years 22 days a year, and after twenty years 25 days.
  • Sick Leave - Employees receive 12 sick leave days per year.
  • Employee Down Payment Assistance Program - Full time Murray City employees looking to purchase a home within Murray City, and who have been employed for at least one year and are in good standing, may be able to apply for the program. Click here for details.

For more information, contact Human Resources at (801) 264-2655.