Headstone Regulations

Grave Markers

Only one grave marker will be permitted on the grave. This will be at the head of the grave. To avoid misunderstanding and difficulty, dealers should clear proposed monuments and marker plans with the Cemetery Superintendent at (801) 264-2637. Otherwise, these memorials may not conform with the rules and regulations of the Cemetery and may therefore not be permitted. Monument headstones are specifically contracted at the time of purchase.

All headstones have some kind of boarder (cement, flanged granite). Monument headstones require a six inch boarder.

Size of Headstones Requirements

Type of Headstone
Size Requirement
Cremated RemainsMaximum width - 26 feet
Baby MarkerMaximum length - 16 feet
Single Flat MarkersMaximum width - 36 feet
Maximum length - 20 feet
Double FlatMaximum width - 72 feet
Maximum length - 30 feet
Double DepthMaximum width - 30 feet OR 36 feet
Maximum length - 40 feet 20 feet
Double MonumentMaximum width - 90 feet
Maximum length - 30 feet
Single MonumentMaximum width - 40 feet
Maximum length - 24 feet