• Identify Theft Packet (View the FTC website for more information)
  • GRAMA Records Request (PDF)
    • Use the Government Records Access Management Act Form to request police records or statistics.
    • Your request may take up to 10 business days.
    • There is no charge to review a record; however, it costs $5 per report to take possession of a report
    • Once filled out, you can bring it in to the station or fax it to 801-264-2568
  • Civil Action Packet
    • Contains information regarding civil action for bad checks.
    • Sample registered letter for notice of non-payment
    • Sample affidavit of delivery of notice of non-payment
    • Sample affidavit of claimant
  • Check Investigation Packet
    • Letter from Murray City Police to merchant with instructions on filing a claim
    • Police report form, official statement, and affidavit of delivery of notice of non-payment
    • Note: When filing your report you will need original copies of checks, drafts, sales slips, video surveillance tape, etc.
  • Murray Bar Card Application
    • This application must be filled out and returned to the Murray City Police Department to obtain a bartender, waitress, bouncer, cook, or dancer card.
    • You must also bring your driver's license or ID card and a Bar Card application.
    • Fees (annual and non-refundable):
      Bar Card - $30

General Police Forms - including GRAMA requests, Police Department applications, Witness statements, etc..