Redevelopment Agency

What is the Redevelopment Agency (RDA)?

The Redevelopment Agency of Murray City is an agency authorized under State law Title 17C known as the Limited Purpose Local Government Entities-Community Development and Renewal Agencies.

The purpose of this agency is to facilitate redevelopment efforts in a designated community and to administer projects/programs to assist in economic development, community development and renewing urban areas.

The Redevelopment Agency of Murray City assists in redevelopment efforts by encouraging private and public investment in previously developed areas that are underutilized or blighted.

The Agency also promotes economic development by working with businesses to increase the jobs available in the community and the state as a whole.

Housing development is also a priority and the Agency works to increase the amount and variety of affordable housing within the community.

The Agency has authority to establish redevelopment areas and after public hearings and adoption of a plan, they may facilitate redevelopment in the following manner (State Law 17C-1-102):

  • Enter into contracts generally
  • Buy, obtain an option upon, or otherwise acquire any interest in real or personal property
  • Sell, convey, grant, dispose of by gift, or otherwise dispose of any interest in real or personal property
  • Enter into a lease agreement on real or personal property, either as lessee or lessor
  • Receive and administer tax increment
  • If disposing of or leasing land, retain controls or establish restrictions and covenants running with the land consistent with the project area plan
  • Accept financial or other assistance from any public or private source for the agency’s activities, powers, and duties, and expend any funds so received for any of the purposes allowed under state law
  • Borrow money or accept financial or other assistance from the federal government, a public entity, or any other source for any of the purposes allowed under state law and comply with any conditions of the loan or assistance
  • Issue bonds to finance the undertaking of any urban renewal, economic development, or community development or for any of the agency’s other purposes
  • Transact other business and exercise all other powers provided for in this law


The Redevelopment Agency of Murray City began its redevelopment program in 1976 with a public infrastructure project extending Vine Street west of State Street. The agency currently has five active redevelopment project areas described as follows:

  1. Central Business District (Established 1979)
  2. Cherry Street (Established 1991)
  3. East Vine Street (Established 1992)
  4. Smelter Site (Established 1999)
  5. Fireclay (Established 2005)
  6. Ore Sampling Mill Site (Established 2016)

RDA Project Area Maps (PDF)+

RDA Meeting Schedule for 2023

Contact Information

The Redevelopment Agency of Murray City’s governing body consists of the current members of the City Council of Murray City and has an Executive Director for the Agency. The Commissioners are:

  • Diane Turner, Chair
  • Pam Cotter, Vice Chair
  • Rosalba Dominguez
  • Garry Hrechkosy
  • David Rodgers

The Executive Director for the RDA is Mayor Brett Hales. If there are any questions about the Redevelopment Agency he may be contacted by telephone or by mailing address outlined below:

Mailing Address

Mayor Brett Hales, Executive Director
Redevelopment Agency of Murray City
10 East 4800 South
Murray, Utah 84107
Phone: (801) 264-2600

  1. Brett Hales


  2. Redevelopment Agency

    Physical Address
    10 East 4800 South
    Murray, UT