Utility Assistance Program

Murray City Utility Relief Program

Over the years some of our residents have struggled to pay for their basic utilities. The City has developed a fair and reasonable program that will allow some relief for utility bills.This will be in addition to the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAT). The City will allow for a one-time payment each winter season, November to May, based on qualifications for each applicant. There are limited funds available, so once the City's budgeted amount is gone, the program will end for that year.

Individuals or families first must qualify with the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAT). Once qualified with HEAT, they are required to bring in their verification form with the HEAT grant amount awarded to the applicant noted, to the Murray City Utility Billing Division at 5025 South State Street, room 118. The HEAT Program qualifies those who need assistance with Murray Power or Rocky Mountain Power and Dominion Energy.

Those who have already qualified as of November, 2020 with the HEAT Program and have an approved application form noting the grant amount award given to them though the HEAT program process needs to bring that form to the above address to receive the Murray City award as soon as the program is implemented.

Murray City will award each applicant based on the total amount qualified for with the HEAT Program. This break down is as follows:

HEAT Grant Amount AwardedMurray City Award*
$775.00 to and up$50.00
675.00 to 774.0045.00
575.00 to 674.0040.00
475.00 to 574.0035.00
375.00 to 474.0030.00
275.00 to 374.0025.00
175.00 to 274.0020.00
0 to 174.0015.00

*Murray City Award is credited at the beginning of the each month following the month the HEAT award verification form is submitted by the applicant to the billing office.

If you have any questions, please call Murray City Utility Billing at 801-264-2626.
Additionally, you may call 801-521-6107 to apply for the HEAT Program.