Pool Rules

General Pool Rules

1. No Running on the pool deck.
2. No diving into shallow water.
3. No horseplay.
4. No flotation devices in the pool, unless U.S. Coast Guard approved life jacket
5. No food or drink on the pool deck.
6. Children under the age of 3 and those not potty trained must wear a swim diaper with a fitted plastic pant over them.
7. Children under the age of 6 are required to be accompanied by an Adult (18+) in the water at all times.
8. Children under the age of 9 are required to be accompanied by an adult (18+) in the facility at all times.
9. Changing diapers on deck is prohibited. Diapers must be changed in the locker room or at a changing station.
10. Appropriate swimwear is required. (No basketball shorts/sports bras/etc.) 11. A cleansing shower is required before entering the pool.
12. For health and safety reasons, anyone with a communicable disease spread through water or that has had diarrhea within 2-weeks are not allowed.
13. Lifeguards will prohibit any action that might be unsafe or unhealthy.

Competition Pool Specific

1. Do not hang on the lane lines.
2. Do not swim across the lanes.
3. No flips or back dives off the side of the pool.
4. Use of blocks is for swim team only.
5. Use of equipment (fins, kick boards, etc.) is for lap swimming only.

Activity Pool Specific

1. No diving.
2. No rough play, shoulder rides, or pushing others into the pool.
3. No running on the play feature.
4. No jumping off the play feature.
5. No MonoFins or Mermaid Tails allowed in the pool.
6. Children under 60 pounds only on the yellow slide.
7. Do not hang on hand rails.
8. No patrons allowed under the slide or on the deck under the slide.
9. Noodles, kick boards, and or water aerobic equipment is only to be used by Adults (18+) for water exercise or Approved Renters for lessons.
10. Do not jump over the bubble couch wall.

Slide Rules

1.Riders must go down slide feet first for the entire ride in either a sitting position or laying flat on back.
2. Only one rider may go down the slide at a time. 
3. No catching kids and the end of slide. Parents may wait in splash down area and help the child to the stairs.
4. Riders must be at least 48" tall and cannot wear a life jacket.
5. No one may stand next to or under the slide.
6. No objects allowed in the slide.
7. No flooding the top of the slide.
8. Riders must wait for the lifeguard to tell them when it is ok to go.
9. No stopping or slowing down on the slide.
10. Walk up the stairs to the slide.