Small Claims

About Small Claims

The Small Claims Section of the Court assists in settling monetary legal issues and problems arising from contractual service disputes and other claims. Small claims cases are governed by Utah Code Title 78, Chapter 8. There are simplified rules for Small Claims found in the Rules of Small Claims Procedures of the Utah Code.

The maximum amount you may sue for in Small Claims action is $15,000. Claims may be for money damages only.

Prohibited Actions

A Small Claims court allows an individual or business to be compensated by a party who has not performed according to an agreement or who has committed a wrongdoing. The debt must be owed to you.

  • The Court cannot be used to sue for possession of property or to evict a tenant.
  • You may not sue a government entity using small claims procedures.
  • An employee may represent an employer, but you may not bring an action on behalf of someone else.