Instructions for the Plaintiff

1. Fill out and complete an Affidavit and Summons (PDF). You are the Plaintiff in this case and the person you are suing is the Defendant. Do not sign unless you are before a notary or a court clerk.

2. Once it is filled out, you will file the Affidavit and Summons with the court and pay the corresponding fee:

  • $60.00 for claims $2,000 or less
  • $100.00 for claims of $2,001 to $7,500
  • $185 for claims of $7,501 to $15,000

3. The Affidavit and Summons will be returned to you with a case number and a court date. The Affidavit must be served to the Defendant at least 30 calendar days before the trial date. It is your responsibility to serve the Defendant and proof of service must be submitted to the court within 10 calendar days of service or your court date will be cancelled. Click the following link for more information about the serving process.

4. If the Defendant is an individual (not a business), then a Military Service Declaration (PDF) is required to be filed with the court before a default judgment will be given. 

5. On the day of your trial, you must have 3 copies of all evidence you wish to submit. One copy is for you, second is for the Judge and third is for the Defendant. Please make sure all copies are organized and numbered exactly the same. Failure to provide 3 copies could result in your trial being continued.