Customer's Rights and Responsibilities


Q. How much is the deposit?

A. Every individual who applies for new or a transferred residential utility service for a non-owner occupied dwelling shall be required to pay a security deposit. That deposit is an average three month billing or $50.00, whichever is greater, for electricity and the same for water and sewer service, if that is needed. (Minimum deposit for electricity is $50.00. Minimum deposit for water and sewer service is $50.00. Minimum for both services is $100.00.) 

Q. Do I ever get my deposit refunded?

A. If your payment history is satisfactory for 24 months, the deposit shall be refunded.

Q. How can I avoid paying a deposit?

A. Applicants may be exempted from the security deposit requirements if:
(a) Written proof of good payment record can be obtained from the previous utility (utilities if more than one) and provided at the time of application for service. A minimum of fifteen months service is necessary. This must be for the most recent fifteen months.
(b) The applicant is currently being serviced by Murray City and that account shows a satisfactory payment record for a minimum of fifteen months.

Q. When is the deposit due?

A. One-half of the security deposit shall be due and payable at the time of service sign up and the other half with the first months billing. Service will be terminated if the required deposit is not paid in full when due. No security deposit shall be used in lieu of a monthly payment unless service has been discontinued. It is then applied to the final billing.


Q. What information is shown on your bill?

A. Each billing will contain the following information...

* The customer's name, billing address and service address
* Account number
* Service period (from-to)
* Bill date (date bill was prepared and mailed)
* Number of days in the billing period
* Consumption used (Kilowatt-hours for power and cubic feet for water)
* The rate schedule under which this service is billed
* Notations of whether we were unable to read the meter or we "estimated" the billing
* The charge for current service used
* Any credits or payments
* Interest being billed on a past due amount
* Utah sales taxes
* The previous balance and payments received
* The date the current bill will be past due
* Comparative billing information from the previous year

Q. How do you pay your bill?

A. Your bill should be paid by the due date to maintain a good credit standing with Murray City Utilities. You have 20 days from the day we prepare your bill to pay the current amount before it becomes past due. Your bill may be paid by: * Mail - allow three days for your payment to reach us.

* In person at Murray City Center, 5025 South State Street, Number 115.
* At the night depository, northeast side of building.
* At the curbside depository located at the Heritage Center, 10 East 6150 South
* At the curbside depository, traffic island on the street that runs east to west between Murray City Hall and the post office.
* Automatic withdrawal from your personal checking or savings account by electronic funds transfer.
* Credit card - 24 hours a day by telephone when calling 264-2626 or through the internet at Pay My Utility Bill On-line
In the event you pay only a portion of the total bill, your payment will be applied against the oldest portion of your outstanding balance.

Q. What if you get behind on bill payments?

A. If full payment of your bill is not received by Murray City Utilities on or before the past due date as indicated on the bill, it becomes past due. Amounts past due will be charged interest at the rate of 1 1/2% per month (18% per year).

Q. What is an estimated billing?

A. Power and water service are normally computed using actual meter readings. However, with good reason, we may need to estimate the service used and bill you based on this estimation. This may include inclement weather, those times when the meter reader is unable to gain access to the meter (providing a reasonable attempt was made to do so), a specific request by the customer, and other circumstances beyond the control of Murray City Utilities and its employees.

Estimated bills will be based on your prior usage. Any difference between the estimate and the actual usage will be reflected on your next billing following an actual meter reading.

You are responsible for providing safe and reasonable access to meters so that monthly readings may be made. If the meter is located behind a locked door or gate or if some hazardous condition exists, provisions must be made to allow access to the meter.


Q. When can Murray City Utilities disconnect your service?

A. Your utility service may be disconnected for any of the following reasons: (a) Failure to pay a past due account; (b) failure to pay a security deposit when required; (c) failure to comply with the terms of a Deferred Payment Agreement; (d) unauthorized use or diversion of service and tampering with wires, pipes, meters, or other equipment; (e) giving a false identity to the utility to obtain service; (f) violating any other rules of utility service approved by the City Council.

Q. What about special circumstances?

A. Murray City Utilities will not disconnect service if someone in your household is seriously ill. However, the extension of service must be confirmed by a physician's statement and will be limited to one month or the time specified by the physician, whichever is less. Also the person may petition the Hearing Officer for an extension of time.

If you or a member of your household use life-sustaining equipment that requires electricity to operate, it is advisable to have a customer-owned backup power device available, such as an uninterruptible power supply sufficient to provide electricity to the device for 12 hours or more.

Q. Must Murray City Utilities notify you about a service disconnection?

A. Murray City will give written notice of disconnection to the person responsible for the account at least 10 calendar days before the proposed disconnection. The ten day period is computed from the date the notice is deposited in the mail.

In addition to the information shown on your bill, the customer will receive information outlining the specific steps that must be taken to avoid disconnection. The information outlines the customer's rights and remedies including Deferred Payment Agreements, referral service, medical extension and procedure to resolve a disputed bill.

A final 48-hour notice will be sent by first class mail. The 48-hour period shall commence at 3:00 p.m. of the next day following the day of mailing.

Murray City will post a notice concerning disconnection on the premises of an apartment or rental unit when the landlord-customer is past due or has requested disconnection. The City will make reasonable efforts to contact the concerned tenants prior to the scheduled disconnection date. The notice will be posted five calendar days prior to the proposed disconnection.

Q. What is a Deferred Payment Agreement?

A. In cases where customers cannot pay the total bill, installment payment may be arranged in the form of a "Deferred Payment Agreement." This is a written agreement between you and Murray City Utilities stating that you will pay all current bills when due and also pay on your past due bills in installments up to six months for sums between $200.00 and 499.00 and twelve months for sums in excess of $500.00. The initial payment must be no less than one of the monthly payments. That payment is due when the agreement is executed. Accounts will not qualify for deferred payment agreements unless they have a minimum of two years good payment history with the City, which is defined as having no more than two late payments within a twelve month period.

The Deferred Payment Agreement includes an interest charge of one and one-half (1.5) percent a month or eighteen (18) percent per year.

The Deferred Payment Agreement must be negotiated and signed in the offices of Murray City Utilities during regular business hours.

The customer shall not be entitled to execute more than one Deferred Payment Agreement within any eighteen month period.

If the customer breaches any condition or term of the Deferred Payment Agreement, the City may treat that breach as a delinquent account and shall have the right to terminate service pursuant to normal procedures and the account holder shall not have the right to a renewal of the agreement.

Q. What if you have a complaint about your bill?

A. If you have any questions concerning your bill, please notify our Customer Services Office at Room 118, Murray City Center. We will do our best to help you with inquiries you have or resolve any problem or complaint. If you are not satisfied with the handling of your complaint, you may obtain an informal and formal review of the dispute. Disputes are limited to billing errors. Service will not be disconnected for nonpayment of the portion of the bill you question or disagree with as long as you keep current the portion of the bill not questioned.

Q. What re-connection fees are charged?

A. Reconnection fees are $30.00 for each service if payment is received in our office before 3:00 p.m. and $65.00 for each service when payment is received after 3:00 p.m., weekends or holidays. After hour service will not be provided after 8:00 p.m. weekdays and 2:00 p.m. weekends or holidays. In the case of the power line being cut at a pole, the fee to reconnect service will be $250.00 and will be done during business hours.


Q. What is third party notification?

A. This plan allows another person (friend, relative, clergyman) or social agency to receive a copy of your utility bill and/or overdue notice. Your third party is not responsible for your bill, but would be informed that your service was about to be disconnected.

Q. What is an equal payment plan?

A. This plan evens out the customer's bills over a year's time. This bill averaging means that there will be no big increases in bills during peak use times and will make it easier to budget your utility costs on a year-round basis. Enrollment is in August and September each year.

Q. How do I cancel my service?

A. Please provide us with written notification one week prior to the date you wish to discontinue service.

Q. How do I establish service?

A. Call us at 264-2626 or come into our business office at 5025 South State Street, Room 118, one working day prior to the day you need the service. In most cases, service can be provided the following working day. Service connections to newly constructed residences may take longer. Service is conditioned upon payment of a security deposit, proof of ownership or right to use, and payment of all outstanding debts for past utility service which are owed by the applicant.