Additional Garbage/Recycle Can Request

I/We hereby agree to rent an automated refuse pickup container from Murray City (hereinafter "City") on the following terms and conditions.

1. I/We agree City will provide an automatic pickup container without initial charge and I/we will rent the same for an initial period of one (1) year on a monthly basis at the rate established by the City. The monthly charges will be billed to me as part of my utility bill and I/we agree to pay the rental charge as billed. In the event I/we fail to pay the rental charge as billed, City will repossess the container, which at all times shall remain the property of City. I/we understand that this Agreement may be terminated after the initial period upon written notification to City.

2. If the container is lost, stolen or damaged, I/we agree to reimburse City the sum of $65.00 to replace the container, all without any regard to fault or liability for the loss, theft or damage. In other words, I/we agree to be strictly liable for the replacement cost of the container in the event of loss, theft or damage.

3. I/We agree to place the container to the left of the driveway (looking toward the street), with the handle facing away from the street. The container will be within two (2) feet of the curb and at least one (1) foot from obstructions such as lampposts, mailboxes and fences. Alley pickups shall be placed in the alley at least one (1) foot from obstructions.

4. During collection hours, I/we agree not to park vehicles on the street near the container.

5. I/We agree to use the container for usual refuse only, such as paper, cans and normal household trash, flattened cardboard boxes, grass, leaves and small yard trimmings. Wet garbage and trimmings will be placed in a plastic bag whenever practical.

6. I/We will not use the container for anything that will not allow the lid to close, or for tree limbs and trimmings over four (4) feet in length or four (4) inches in diameter, flammable items, hot ashes, unbagged animal waste, paint, tires, chemicals, concrete, dirt, plaster or other construction or demolition debris.

7. I/We agree to pay for all utility services (power, water, sewer or waste collection or any combination thereof) in accordance with the rules and regulations and the applicable rates for such service now in effect or as the same shall lawfully be amended or changed from time to time.

8. I/We agrees to permit City, its agents and employees, to enter the premises at all reasonable times for the purposes necessary and incident to rendering of utility services. I/We will make certain that the meters and equipment are readily accessible to City and that there are no barriers or animals which prevent reasonable access thereto.

9. I/We agree to pay reasonable attorney's fees and costs in the event of collection proceedings or City is required to enforce this agreement through the legal process.

10. To secure payment for utility service rendered, I/we grant the City the right to claim a lien on all real property which receives service when the bill for such service is delinquent.

Request Additional Garbage/Recycle Can