Excavation & Road Cut Permits


Procedure and application process for excavation / encroachment permits (PDF)
Permits for excavating in the public rights of way are obtained at the Engineering Office. You may also print and complete the Excavation Permit Form and Requirements (PDF) and return it to the Engineering Office at:
4646 S 500 W
Murray UT, 84123


  • It is necessary to have a proper state license and submit a $10,000 bond to work in a city right of way (Murray City Bond Form (PDF) Required).
  • Additional bonding may be required if the scope of the work exceeds the $10,000 bond amount.
  • Backfill and compaction on road cuts are usually completed by the contractor with imported granular backfill.
  • Permit Fees.  The applicant shall pay the Public Works Department the following fee deposit before a permit will be issued; these fees are non-refundable.
    • $250.00 for excavations requiring asphalt, concrete, or paved ROW (>500 SF = $400.00)
    • $200.00 for excavations in unpaved ROW, and encroachment 
  • Moratorium Requirements (PDF)