School District History

Annexing Land

Murray City annexed land in 1905 in order to have a population of at least 5,000. This population number qualified Murray to become a City of the Second Class, which allowed the City to establish its own school district. Having achieved its reclassification as a Second Class City, Murray was divided into five municipal wards or districts for the purpose of electing a Board of Education for the newly-consolidated City school district.

School Board Election

On December 6, 1905, the election for a permanent board of education was held and one member was chosen from each of the City's five municipal wards. The school district was officially organized in January of 1906.

School District Today

Murray School District includes Murray High, Riverview and Hillcrest Junior Highs, and seven elementary schools, which included Liberty, Grant, Longview, McMillan, Parkside, Viewmont, and Horizon.

Because of legislative changes and annexation to Murray's boundaries, several schools within the City's boundaries are part of the Granite School District, including Cottonwood High, Twin Peaks Elementary, and Woodstock Elementary.