Murray Central Station Small Area Plan

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The Murray Central Station area has been influenced and defined by the industry in the area. It was the site of a major smelting operation in the Salt Lake valley, and in 1994 the area was identified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as contaminated at a level requiring remedial action. In 2001 appropriate remedial action was completed in the area for redevelopment into a commercial area.

The Murray Central Station area is now a major medical employment area and the home of Intermountain Health Care’s flagship medical facility and related services. The area’s environmental past will continue to influence the urban form and redevelopment in the station area.

Within this context there are opportunities for enhancing the Murray Central Station area by providing employment, retail, public space and residential (outside of the SSOD) uses. Developing a new urban district around the existing transit amenities can prioritize the pedestrian experience and provide visual and aesthetic interest. The combination of transportation and employment destination already in place within the Murray Central Station area provides an opportunity to create a landmark station and destination unlike any other within the current transit system.