Citizen Participation

The Parks division always has work that could be done by volunteers. We can accommodate a small number (1 to 10) of volunteers with minimal notice; however, larger groups need to give a few days notice. We always try and work with anyone or group over the age of 16. Some jobs require minimal knowledge and experience. We are always open to suggestions from the public of areas needing maintenance or specific items that could be improved.

Take a look at the following opportunities and contact Bruce Holyoak at 801-264-2529 or if you are interested.

  • Collect Garbage at all Parks - daily during Spring/Summer/Fall
  • Planting Flower Beds - Spring/Summer
  • Pruning Roses
  • Jordan River Trail Maintenance - monitoring trail, collect garbage, painting split rail, weed removal, general maintenance
  • Prep and Maintain Athletic Fields - Soccer/Football/Baseball
  • Painting Curbs, Pavilions, Buildings, etc.
  • Weed Removal - flower beds, around trees, curb strips, etc.
  • Assist with Pavilion Restrooms - daily during Spring/Summer/Fall
  • Assist Amphitheater Tech Staff - Lighting and Sound, etc.
  • Ken Price/Willow Pond Night Supervisor
  • General Park/City Clean Up
  • Snow Removal - Shovel Only

Please contact our Parks and Recreation department for additional volunteer opportunities.