Special Event Permits

General Information

"Special event" is an event occurring out of the ordinary course of neighborhood functions, such as races, runs, walks, parades, block parties, entertainment programs, filming of movies, speech-making, picketing, protesting, marching, demonstrating or debating public issues, which are primarily for the purpose of entertainment, fund-raising or the exercise of expressive activities of a political nature and attract participants and/or observers and are conducted in or affect public facilities and/or public streets.

All special events must make applications and receive a permit from Murray City. It is unlawful to hold a special event without first obtaining a permit. Application forms shall be submitted to the City (3) weeks prior to the event date for approval.

A support fee may be charged by the city for the cost of providing added police protection, park maintenance, garbage collection and disposal, power, water, fire, emergency medical support, traffic control, road closures, cleanup of the park and other public facilities or other required city services before, during, or after the event.

If the event is a block party, the applicant must collect and submit with the application form a list of signatures consenting to the street closure from all neighbors whose vehicular access to their property is affected by the street closure.


Special Event Permit Applications may be submitted to:
Murray City Recorder's Office
5025 South State Street Room 113
Murray, Utah 84107
(801) 264-2660

  1. Recorder

    Physical Address
    10 East 4800 South
    1st Floor
    Murray, UT 84107