Family Night Series



The Family Night Concert Series are free concerts held the 2nd Monday of every month, June through September, at the Murray City Senior Recreation Center. Concert runs 7:00 PM - 7:50 PM and are typically held in the outdoor plaza. Concerts may be moved indoors if weather is not behaving. Even though concerts are held at the Senior Center, they are open to public and for all ages (you do not need to be a member of the Center). A full schedule is provided by early Spring each year for upcoming series. 

Murray City Senior Recreation Center: The Center is located at 10 E 6150 S (next to Grant Park). Parking is available both on the north and east side of the facility. The outdoor plaza is located in the middle of the facility and can be accessed by entering the main entrance of the Center or from walking around the south side (back of building). Restrooms and water are available indoors. If you have any general questions about the Senior Recreation Center, you can reach them at (801) 263-2635. 

Stay Connected: Updates and events can also be found on our Facebook Page @MurrayCityCulturalArts

2021 Extended Series: During the 2021 season, Family Night Concerts were extended past September and continued until the 2022 Season started. This may not be the case each year. 

Family Night Series Schedule 

April 11, 2022 Picky Out the Stingers 7:00 PM | Free
May 9, 2022 Mixed Nuts 7:00 PM | Free
June 13, 2022 The Flashback Brothers, Classic Rock 7:00 PM | Free
July 11, 2022 Neo Vintage, Jazz & Bossanova 7:00 PM | Free
August 8, 2022 Crazy Coyote, Country 7:00 PM | Free
September 12, 2022 BD Howes, Acoustic Classic Rock 7:00 PM | Free