Cemetery Tours

Cemetery tours


Cemetery Tours are held every May at the Murray City Cemetery for elementary schools. 

Other tours for adult or youth groups may be arranged by phoning Rowan Coates at 264-2589. Non-school groups are responsible for their own transportation to and from the cemetery. Tours may include a history of the Murray Cemetery, burial customs, and brief stories of people buried there.

Research Tools

Cemetery Record Search
Search online for a grave site in the Murray City Cemetery

Utah Division of State History
Cemetery burial information for all Utah cemeteries.

2024 Cemetery Tours for Schools

Elementary School Cemetery Tours
May 6-9, 2024 | 60 Minutes
Students learn about Cemetery Etiquette, hear stories of those buried there, and participate in an activity. 

Schools interested in reserving a spot or VOLUNTEERS looking to participate in our tours, please contact Murray Museum (801) 264-2589; rcoates@murray.utah.gov 

We appreciate the Cemetery staff, teachers, parent volunteers, and our storyteller volunteers for their help in making this activity a success for the children. 

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