Community-Oriented Justice


Community-Oriented Justice is a manner of targeting court programs to address specific community needs.

DUI and Domestic Violence Courts

The Murray Justice Court specifically addresses DUI's and Domestic Violence as serious violations and has developed programs to assist the defendants in such cases to alter their behavior instead of spending time in jail. Behavior can be altered by programs developed to address the underlying causes and effects of certain acts. In DUI and domestic violence cases, a primary function of the Court is to have the person consider the negative aspects of such actions and to provide an avenue to discovering ways to prevent the negative actions.

In order to provide successful delivery of the Court's services as intended, there are organizational values that are always important when working with our community, including:

  • Compassion in treating a person with empathy and understanding
  • Consistency, stability, and reliability in performing the tasks
  • Consistency, stability, and reliability in attitude and work ethic
  • Solving, identifying, prioritizing, and taking action to reduce or eliminate problems and concerns of others
  • Enthusiasm for the work to be performed and the ability to see what currently is not working and to adjust to what will work

People Value

We have become a bureaucratic society where people have become numbers and statistics, and we need to develop a community that emphasizes the needs and desires of individuals. The Court can address this by considering People Value, the importance of providing service to the community by:

  • Providing personal safety
  • Demonstrating sincere care and concern among all individuals that make up the community
  • Respecting those who use the Court
  • Affecting the quality of life in Murray City, including property protection, pride in the community, peace of mind, and freedom from fear

The community values good services, and the primary, underlying expectation in providing good service is that people matter.

If you feel you are in need of services, such as housing and utilities, food, mental health and addiction, domestic violence and abuse resources, please dial 2-1-1 or go directly to Utah’s 2-1-1 website.