Avoiding a Warrant

The best way to avoid a warrant is to appear in court on the appointed day as ordered. When you receive a traffic citation, you are receiving a lawful summons to court without admitting guilt to the offense charged on the citation.

You are given 14 days from the date you receive the citation to appear in court, forfeit bail, or pay the fine. If you fail to appear within the time frame given, you may have a warrant issued for your arrest. Calling to reschedule the same day you are to appear will not prevent a warrant being issued.

Failing to appear may also lead to a significant increase in the penalty you will have to pay. With a traffic citation along with a warrant, the Court may also request the Driver License Division to suspend your driver license, adding further costs to you.

Search for a Warrant

You may search for an outstanding warrant on the Utah Statewide Warrants Search Website. If you have an outstanding warrant from Murray Justice Court, call (801) 284-4280 to find out how to recall it.