Traffic Citations & Courtesy Bail Notices

Mandatory Appearance

If you received a traffic citation and the Courtesy Bail Notice you received indicates Mandatory Appearance, you are required to either see the Traffic Clerk or set the case for a hearing before the court. Fine payment by mail is not permitted in this instance.

If your offense is listed in the Uniform Fine and Bail Schedule as Mandatory Appearance Offense, you must appear in court before the judge to resolve your case. If your offense in not listed, you must contact the Court for more information ((801) 284-4280).

If you are interested in traffic school, do not pay the fine/bail until meeting with the Traffic Clerk. The Traffic Clerk will assist you on how to take care of your citation by options made available such as traffic school, plea in abeyance or a payment schedule regarding the fine, it is not where the violations are contested. If you wish to contest the citation you will need to set a formal court date before a Murray Court judge. The clerk can do this for you.

Forfeiting Bail

If you received a traffic citation and the Courtesy Bail Notice you received has a dollar amount and you wish to forfeit bail instead of appearing in court, mail the payment for the full bail amount with a copy of your citations to:
Murray Municipal Justice Court
688 E. Vine St.
Murray, UT 84123

You may also make a payment via the internet at

Keep a copy of all documents, checks, etc., for your records. If you wish to forfeit bail, payment must be received within 14 days of the date of your Courtesy Bail Notice.

For more information on fines, view the Fine and Bail Schedule.

Contacting You

Every effort is made to contact you through your current address that is written on the citation (which is the address form the Utah Driver License Division). It is not the responsibility of the Court to send notice to any other address.

Delinquent Fees

If the Courtesy Bail Notice is returned due to non-delivery based on a bad address, the citation may become delinquent. A delinquent fee of $50 is added to citations that are past due. A delinquent citation is also subject to a warrant being issued against the defendant and the driver's license being suspended.

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