Traffic Citations & Courtesy Bail Notices

Mandatory Appearance

If your violation is listed in the Uniform Fine and Bail Schedule as a Mandatory Appearance, you must appear in court before the judge to resolve your case. If your violation in not listed, you must contact the Court at (801) 284-4280 for more information.

Forfeiting Bail

If you received a Courtesy Bail Notice for your traffic citation, you may forfeit bail by mailing in the full amount listed on the notice. Please include a copy of your citation or list your case/citation number on your check or money order and mail to:

Murray Municipal Justice Court
688 E Vine Street
Murray, UT 84107

You may also pay via the internet.

Keep a copy of all documents, checks, etc., for your records.

Deferred Traffic Prosecution

Deferred Traffic Prosecution is an opportunity to have your traffic citation dismissed from your driving record.  You can apply online by answering questions in a guided interview. You'll pay a total fine and an administrative fee (the total fine is the same as it would be if you appeared in court) You'll enter a plea and agree to not get a traffic conviction in a 12-month period. 

The process is completely voluntary.  You can choose not to participate in Deferred Traffic Prosecution and instead go through the normal processes. That would involve either paying a fine or going to court on your court date to challenge the ticket

To get started please click on the link: You will need your UTAH driver license number, date of birth, citation number or court case number, violation date and court location where the citation was filed.  A VALID email address is needed for the MyCase registration.

Plea in Abeyance

A Plea in Abeyance is a GUILTY or NO CONTEST plea held by the Court for a certain amount of time. During this time, the Court will not report the violation to the Driver License Division as a conviction, but rather as a plea in abeyance. If the terms and conditions are successfully met at the end of the agreement, the plea will be withdrawn, charge will be dismissed, and the case will be closed. In order to qualify, you may not have ANY violations on your driving record in the last THREE YEARS and must have a valid UTAH Driver License.  Please contact the court at 801-284-4280 for Traffic Clerk contact information.

Contacting You

Every effort is made to contact you through your current address that is written on the citation (which is the address from the Utah Driver License Division). It is not the responsibility of the Court to send notice to any other address.

Delinquent Fees

 A delinquent fee of $125 is added to citations that are past due. A delinquent citation is also subject to a warrant being issued against the defendant and the driver’s license being suspended.If the Courtesy Bail Notice is returned due to non-delivery based on a bad address, the citation may become delinquent.