Officer Involved Critical Incident Protocol

Officer Involved Critical Incident (OICI) Protocol

The Law Enforcement Officer Involved Critical Incident Investigative Protocol (this Protocol) has been established to provide uniform procedures and mutually agreed-upon guidelines. The goal and purpose of the Protocol is to ensure compliance with Utah Code Annotated §76-2-408 along with ensuring every investigation of an Officer Involved Critical Incident (OICI) is conducted professionally, thoroughly, and impartially.

This Protocol’s procedures and rules cannot anticipate every possible circumstance that might occur. When used correctly, this Protocol creates an independent, transparent, and objective process from which meaningful and valuable conclusions can be drawn. This Protocol is for the community, its citizens, the agencies who serve them, and the police officers who, often while making a split second decision, take action in the exercise of government power that results in an OICI. Each deserves the best investigation and this Protocol strives to achieve this idea.

This Protocol is not a statute, ordinance, or regulation. It is not intended to increase the civil or criminal liability of member agencies or their employees, and shall not be construed as creating any mandatory obligation to, or on behalf of, third parties.

OICI Protocol (PDF)