Child Care Providers


Child Care: Continuous care and supervision of five (5) or more children through age twelve (12) and children with disabilities through age eighteen (18), in lieu of care and supervision ordinarily provided by parents in their own home, for less than twenty four (24) hours a day, for direct or indirect compensation.

Child Care Center (Commercial): Persons, associations, institutions or agencies, licensed by the state which provide childcare and/or educational opportunities for children, in a place other than a residence for less than twenty four (24) hours per day, for direct or indirect compensation.

17.96.020 Permitted uses

A. All uses and structures contained herein are listed by number as designated in the Standard Land Use Code published and maintained by the planning department.

B. The following uses are permitted in the R-1-8 zone: Use No. Use Classification 1111 Single-family-dwelling, detached.
4800 Utilities (lines and rights-of-way only) (except 4850).
6815 Day Care - (In single-family dwellings only with no more than eight children other than those residing in the dwelling.) Group Instruction - (In single- family dwellings only with no more than eight people other than those residing in the dwelling.)

17.96.030 Conditional uses.

The following uses and structures are permitted in the R-1-8 zone only after a conditional use permit has been approved by the planning commission and subject to the terms and conditions thereof:

  • 6811 Kindergarten schools.
  • 6812 Elementary schools.
  • 6813 Junior high schools.
  • 6814 Senior high schools.
  • 6815 Group Educational Home (Pre-School) - (In single-family dwellings only in which at least seven but not more than 12 children will be receiving instruction at any given time. There shall be no more than eight sessions per week with each session lasting no more than three hours. No child shall attend more than one session per day.)
  • Group Instruction - (In single-family dwellings only in which at least 9 but not more than 12 people will be receiving instruction.

Child Care Applications

All child care providers must come through our office for applications and/or fire inspections.

"Relative Only" child care centers, providing care for related children only, who need a fire inspection for State programs should have a license exemption letter from the Bureau of Licensing. Exemption is given under Utah Code 26-39-106(4) stating that care provided to children by, or in the homes of parents, legal guardians, grandparents, brothers, sisters, aunts, or uncles, are exempted from child care licensing.

The fee for the inspection is outlined on the Murray City Fee Schedule. Providers will also need to come to our office and complete a fire inspection request form, which we will then send to the fire department. The care giver may call the fire department thereafter for an inspection appointment. (Fire inspections are required for the State Food Programs.) All other child care providers, providing care to 5 or more children, must complete a Murray City Business License application.

In addition to the license application information included in the packet, we will also need a copy of the State Child Care License, which is obtained through:
Bureau of Child Care Licensing
288 N 1460 W
Salt Lake City, UT 84114

Please be aware that there is a 6 to 8 week processing time for application/permit from the State.