Alcohol Sales & Licensing

Applicants wishing to obtain a Murray City Beer and/or Alcohol license will need to comply with the following: 

1. Be at least 21 years of age.

2. Apply to the City through the Business License Department for a business license.

All State and Federal Requirements shall apply as with any business. The following items should be included in the licensing packet, and returned to the Business Licensing Department:

  • Business License application form
  • Corporate Officer list
  • Industrial Discharge Questionnaire
  • Fire Department Inspection & Checklist Form
  • Compliance Checklist items as described
  • Police Department Alarm Form
  • Back ground Investigations and Personal Data Sheets
  • The following item may be copied for each officer, member, manager and owner:*
  • Personal Data Sheet (police background information)

3. Pay the business licensing fees.

4. Complete a BCI background investigation for each owner, manager, and corporate officer

with the company*. Pay the appropriate investigation fees.

5. Comply with all State DABC regulations and provisions. Please be aware of the DABC's

deadlines for application information.

6. Comply with all provisions of Section 5.04.180, et seq., of the Murray City Code.

In addition to the above, establishments serving alcoholic beverages are required to obtain

necessary permits and inspections with the Salt Lake Valley Health Department.

The Health Department is located at:
 788 E Wood Oak Lane
Murray, UT 84107
(801) 313-6641

*Any corporation, partnership, partner, managing agent, officer, director, or stockholder holding 20% or more of total issued & outstanding stock of the corporate application, are required to complete application process. Any changes of the above to an existing license will require new application information and background investigations to be completed.

Please be aware that this is a guideline only and may not be all inclusive. Additional information may be required by the City before an application may be approved.