Business Licensing


  • Murray City requires that a valid business license be held by anyone conducting business within Murray City.
    • "Business" means and includes every craft, trade, occupation, profession, or activity pursued for gain or profit, excluding services rendered by an employee to an employer.
  • Non-profit, charitable, governmental, and insurance agencies are also required to obtain a business license, although they may be exempt from license fees.
  • Processing time is 7-10 business days. Murray City does not offer interim licensing.
  • You must have your business license issued prior to opening / operating.
  • Each business location will need a separate license.
    • Licenses are not transferable from address to address, nor from owner to owner.
    • Minor changes, such as mailing address, may be submitted without an application.
  • Murray City requires that written notice be submitted if a business has moved out of the City or is no longer conducting business. Please note that license fees are not refundable.

ALL persons or partnerships doing business in Utah under an assumed business name must register with the Secretary of State. Corporations, LLC's, etc., must file articles & name registration. You can register online by clicking on the following link One Stop Online Business Registration

Temporary and Seasonal Businesses

Temporary and seasonal businesses and special events are required to obtain licenses and permits
prior to opening / operating. All other licenses, including temporary licenses, need to allow 10 business days for processing.

Renewal Notices

Renewal notices are mailed out on the first of the month in which the license expires. In order to avoid penalty fees, renewal forms and payment must be received in our office during normal business hours prior to the expiration date.

Licenses may be renewed on-line, if there are no major changes to the account. On-line renewals will be available beginning in the month of the license expiration date, and may be accessed through the following link:

** Our online renewal system is currently unavailable.  You can mail your renewal notice along with your  payment or you can submit it in person at our office located at 4646 South 500 West.  The renewal notice and payment must be received in our office (during normal business hours) before the expiration date.  We do not accept postmarks as timely payment.  We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause you.  If you have any questions, please contact our office at 801-270-2420.  Thank you
We do not accept post marks as timely payment and cannot be responsible for lost or misdirected mail. Responsibility of renewal is total responsibility of the Licensee. Failure to receive notices does not excuse this responsibility.

Our office address is:

4646 South 500 West
Murray, Utah 84123
Telephone: (801) 270-2420