Closing a Business

Closing, Sale of, or Transferring ownership of a business

Murray City Corporation requires written notification from the business owner when terminating or closing a business. Notification may be done via mail, e-mail, fax or in person. When notifying the City that a business has been closed, please include the following information:

  • Name and address of business as described on the business license.
  • Date of termination.
  • Owner's name, title, and forwarding address.
  • Signature of Owner or Corporate Officer as listed on the original application

Licenses are non-transferable. Licenses are only valid for the owner on file with the City, and for the location approved. If a business is sold, the original owner must notify the City in writing to close the account, and the new owner(s) are required to apply for and obtain a new business license prior to commencing/conducting business. If a business is relocating to a new location within the City, a new license will need to be applied for. If relocating to another city, the business license account with Murray will need to be closed and a new license applied for in the new city.

Notifications may be addressed to the following:
Murray City Licensing
10 East 4800 West, Murray, Utah 84107

Email: email Business Licenses