Residential Rental Dwelling Units

Murray City requires that a valid business license be held by anyone conducting business within Murray City. Residential rentals are considered a business and anyone who rents out real property must obtain and maintain a current business license.

Residential Rental Property Business License Application (PDF)

Residential Business License FAQS

What if I own multiple properties in Murray City, do I need a license for each property?

One business license will cover all properties owned by the same legal entity. Owners must provide contact information as well as a current, complete list of all rental dwelling units on the application.

I have a property management company manage my property for me. Do I still need a rental business license?

Yes, as a rental property owner a business license is still required. A property management company located within the City of Murray has their own business license requirement for the management activities they conduct.

As a property owner am I responsible for business or other activity that occurs on my property and conducted by the renter?

It is the responsibility of the property owner to maintain the rental dwelling unit in compliance with all applicable laws and City ordinances. A property owner is responsible for taking action to prevent or discontinue an activity occurring on their property that is found to be illegal or in non-compliance with City ordinances.

What if I have sold or am no longer renting the property?

Please contact Murray City Business Licensing representatives regarding any changes to your business license. Licenses are not transferable from address to address, or from owner to owner. Any change of location, ownership, or corporate information requires a new application to be submitted. Minor changes such as mailing address change may be submitted without an application. Murray City requires written notification if a business is no longer conducting business.

Is there a penalty fee for operating without or prior to obtaining a business license?

Yes, a person conducting business in the City without first obtaining a business license or a person operating a business that has lapsed/expired license shall be assessed a one hundred percent (100%) penalty on the past due fees including any regulatory fees. (City Code 5.04.280: Penalty fees for failure to obtain a license.) Re-application notices are mailed out the first of the month in which the license expires. In order to avoid penalty fees, the re-application form and payment must be received in our office prior to the expiration date. We do not accept post marks as timely receipts and cannot be responsible for lost or misdirected mail. Responsibility of renewal is the total responsibility of the licensee. Failure to receive notice does not excuse this responsibility.