Application Information

Application Information

Before submitting an application to the City, please check the "Compliance Checklist" (PDF) for State requirements needed. We cannot accept applications until all State and local requirements have been met. Please bring in verification of all State requirements when submitting your application. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

The business license processing time varies due to circumstances where a conditional use, Health Department approval, etc. is needed. Murray City does not offer interim licensing. Please be aware that you must have your business license issued prior to opening/operating.

The following information will be required on the application:

  • Business name and DBA name if applicable
  • Physical street location and phone number of business
  • Mailing address if different than physical location
  • Owner/partner(s) name, home address, phone, date of birth, drivers license number
  • Local Manager name, home address, phone, date of birth, drivers license number
  • List of corporate officers, if applicable
  • After hours emergency contact name and phone number
  • Projected opening date of business
  • Federal Identification Number and Sales Tax number (Specific to Murray location)
  • Copy of Professional/occupational license if applicable
  • Registration with Utah Department of Commerce

Certain businesses may also be required to undergo back ground investigations. Please check the Investigations page for additional information.

We will also need to know the number employees, which include full and part-time. Any vehicles used in conjunction with operating the business, whether personal or company vehicle, will need to be listed on the application.

Fees for licenses vary according to number of employees, vehicles, and classifications. Please visit the fee schedule page for details. Fees are due at the time of submitting an application. Please be aware that license fees are non refundable should a license not be approved. Fees are also required for change of address, and are not pro-rated.

Once a completed application has been submitted, inspections will be performed by Murray City Zoning, Murray City Enforcement and the Murray City Fire Department. The Licensee will be contacted by the Murray City Fire Department for an on site fire inspection. If after the initial inspection is completed and additional work is needed, it is the responsibility of the business owner to contact the Fire Department for their final inspection. Businesses may also need to complete inspections by the Murray City Building Department, Murray City Storm Water Department, Salt Lake County Health Department or other applicable agencies.

When all applicable departments have approved the application, a Business License will be issued. The average processing time may vary in circumstances where a conditional use, health department approval, etc is needed.

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If you need assistance in determining whether or not your business is within Murray City boundaries, please call our office.

Questions? Please call (801)270-2420 or e-mail us at email Business Licenses.