License Fee Schedule

All businesses, excluding those businesses or entities identified under section 5.04.210, are subject to a base license fee of one hundred dollars ($100.00). Additional fees may include employee fees, rental units and regulatory fees as outlined below.

An address change or change in ownership requires a new application and licensing fees. The licensing fees are for inspections and processing the new business license.

Employee Fee: $6.00 per employee (full-time and part time employees)

Rental Units: $6.00 per residential rental unit
$2.00 per commercial rental unit

Regulatory Fees: Regulatory fees are in addition to other base fees and are outlined below:
* this listing may not be all-inclusive. Additional inspection fees, investigation fees, etc. may not be included.

Alcohol - Off Premise Beer Retailer

Alcohol - On Premise Restaurant $500.00
Alcohol - Private Club $500.00

Alcohol - Tavern Beer $500.00
Alcohol - Special Event Alcohol/Beer $100.00

Amusement Device $150.00
Auto Body Repair and/or Paint $350.00

Auto Towing / Wrecking $150.00
Barber Shop $100.00

Beauty Salon / Personal Care $100.00
Convalescent Home $250.00

Day Care - Commercial $150.00
Day Care - Home Occupation
Inspection only for non-licensed or exempted
$ 50.00

Fireworks Indoor / Outdoor; Christmas Tree Sales $160.00
Gasoline/Propane Dispensing $350.00

Group Homes $250.00
Hazardous Materials $350.00

Hazardous Materials - Hospital $350.00
Hotel / Motel $250.00

Mobile Painting $200.00
Pawn Broker $200.00

Rehabilitation Facility $250.00
Rental Units - Residential (per unit)
Commercial (per unit)

Second Hand Dealer $100.00
Sexually Oriented Business $500.00

Spa / Massage $100.00
Storage Unit Facility $150.00

Tattoo Parlor $250.00
Tobacco Retailer $200.00

Vehicle Fee (per vehicle used in conjunction with operating the business, private or company owned.) $10.00