Seasonal Fireworks Sales

Fireworks, as defined by, and authorized pursuant to the Utah Fireworks Act, may be sold with the City on or between June 20 and July 25 of each year; on or between December 20 and January 2 of each year; and 15 days before and on the Chinese New Year.

Fireworks may be discharged three days prior to, on the day of, and three days following July 4th, July 24, January 1, and the Chinese New Year of each year.

Except as provided in Chapter 5.50 of the Murray City Code, no person shall offer for sale, or sell at retail any fireworks without having first applied for and received a license from the City to do so for each location at which the fireworks are sold or offered for sale.

Applicants wishing to obtain a Murray City License for the seasonal sale of fireworks will need to comply with the following:

  • Apply to the City through the Business Licensing Department for a temporary business license. All State and Federal requirements shall apply as with any business. The following items should be included in the licensing packet and returned to the Business License Department: Business License application form, indicating dates of sale Corporate Officer list Fire Department Inspection and Checklist form Compliance Checklist.
  • Provide the City with a signed Property Owner Authorization form, completed by the property owner.
  • Provide the City with insurance certificates evidencing public liability insurance coverage in the amount of $200,000.00 / $400,000.00, and property damage insurance coverage in the amount of $200,000.00. Such certificates shall designate the City as an additional insured. Include for delivery to the City administrator certificates evidencing products liability insurance in an amount not less than $1,000,000.00 per occurrence.
  • Comply with all Federal and State regulations, permits, and bonds. (Utah Fire Marshall) 5. Comply with all provisions of Section 5.04.180 et seq. of the Murray City Code. Code may be found on the Murray City website, along with additional information in this website.
  • Pay the applicable licensing fees. Fees are outlined on the business license
  • Include evidence of a current special event sales tax permit issued by the State of Utah. (regular sales tax numbers issued for a permanent business may not be used.)

In addition to the fees listed, outside fireworks stands are required to pay a refundable clean-up fee in the amount of $200.00 (two hundred dollars), which will be refunded on request after termination of sales period. In addition to the above, applicants may also need to contact the Murray City Fire Department for fees & permits relating to use of tents or other non-permanent structures.

The Fire Department is located at:
40 East 4800 South
Murray, Ut 84107
(801) 264-2781

Business License Department is located at:
4646 South 500 West
Murray, Utah 84123
(801) 270-2420