Massage Therapy / Spa Services

Massage Therapists and/or Massage Establishments

Applicants wishing to obtain a Murray City Business License for Massage Therapy, Massage establishments, or similar occupation, shall comply with the following.

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Apply to the city through the Business License Department for a business license; provide the following material and information under oath:
  1. The street, building, and room number of the place where the applicant proposes to give massages or maintain a massage establishment.
  2. Written disclosures of all convictions of crimes involving moral turpitude within the past five years from the date of conviction, the end of probation, or parole; whichever is later.
  3. Two duplicate photographs of the applicant, measuring two inches by two inches, that have been taken within one month from the date of application and obtain a work identification card from the City police department.
  4. Obtain all necessary licenses required by the Massage Practice Act, Title 58, Chapter 47a, Utah Code Annotated, and any and all rules promulgated by the Massage Board of Practitioners.
  5. Provide to the City a copy of the State License for Massage Therapy.
  6. For massage/Spa establishments owned by persons not licensed by the State for Massage Therapy, background checks and bonds are required.

Massage establishments are required, in addition to the above, to obtain necessary permits and inspections with the Salt Lake Valley Health Department.

The health department is located at:
788 E Wood Oak Lane
Murray, Ut 84107
(801) 313-6641